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Cyber-spy tracking Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

The recent discovery of a cyber-spying campaign by Kaspersky, shows that it is not just large businesses that are effected by cyber criminals. Even the databases of SME’s are now being compromised, which can result in massive loses for companies. According to Kaspersky the list of sectors targeted includes: media, education, agriculture, construction, chemicals, nanotechnology, and more.

“We see a lot of spying campaigns focused on enterprises, government organizations and other high-profile entities, with small and medium-sized businesses rarely seen in the lists of targets. But Grabit shows that it’s not just a “big fish” game – in the cyber world every single organization, whether it possesses money, information or political influence, could be of potential interest to one or other malicious actor. Grabit is still active, and it’s critically important to check your network to ensure you’re safe. On May 15th a simple Grabit keylogger was found to be maintaining thousands of victim account credentials from hundreds of infected systems. This threat shouldn’t be underestimated,” – says Ido Naor, Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team.

You can find out more on Kaspersky’s website.

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