Absolutely! In fact, we encourage signing up before you start building your site as some of the security features applied are better applied right in the beginning.

Should you sign up before installing or setting up your WordPress installation, we will offer to do it for you, free of charge.

Unfortunately our service is only compatible with websites running WordPress.org (self-hosted site) installations.

This would be out of the scope of the WP Assist services. Should you need a website built, you may contact us for a cost estimate.

Our WP Defender PLUS plan does include content updates, code changes, CSS tweaks or general help.  View more about our plans.

We do a complete back up of your site. This means we back up the SQL database, plugins, files, themes, scripts, posts, settings, widgets and plugins. Everything in the WordPress directories and database.

Our service plan includes a 1GB offsite backup. Additional fees or solutions will be discussed should this limit be reached.

Unfortunately, we can never guarantee 100% safety.  Heck, even the Pentagon is not safe against hacking exploits. Our application will certainly harden your website security and block or discourage the most common exploits.

There is a level of security you are responsible for from a user perspective. As the owner or manager of your website, you would have login details.  If this got into the wrong hands it is possible to cause havoc.

TIP: Think security at all times. Ensure you have updated Anti-virus and firewall software on your computer. Don’t allow browsers to auto-save your passwords. Change your password regularly. Use a strong password.

WordPress RESCUE
We offer a 100% money back guarantee if we cannot rescue and restore your site from a compromised state.

Should we restore your site and it is compromised again within 7 days, we will fix the site again free of charge.  If it occurs after the 7 day period, you will need to reapply for this service. No refund will be entertained. Why? We have no control of what happens to any site out of our care.  We suggest you consider one of our service plans.

DEFENDER maintenance plans
We will refund 100% of the fee if cancelled within 7 days from sign up.  However, a surcharge fee of R500 will be charged.  Why? We go to work immediately securing, backing up and applying updates etc which you benefit from even if you cancel.  Therefore it is only fair to apply a fee to this.

As part of the WP Defender PLUS plan, you are allocated 1 full hour per month.  During this time, we will update anything you ask as long as we can complete it within the allocated time.

Should you need larger updates, we will certainly assist at a nominal fee.

We are ready to help you. Please send an email to support@wpassist.co.za using the email address you signed up with for tracking purposes.