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WordPress 4.3 Beta 3 Announced

WordPress 4.3 Beta 3 is now available!

Of particular interest to us at WP Assist is the improvements in password creation during installation of a new site. WordPress will now suggest a strong password to the admin user. If this is utilised by the end user it could cut back in the number of sites that get compromised.

There are several other changes to passwords incoming, see the extract from the Beta 1 release below:

We put a lot of work into Better Passwords throughout WordPress. Now, WordPress will limit the life time of password resets, no longer send passwords via email, and generate and suggest secure passwords for you. Try it out and let us know what you think! (#32589)

Also interesting and very welcome is improved accessibility to screen readers.

Click here if you would like to read more about Beta 3, as well as the teams plans for WordPress 4.3.
You can also download the beta here.

Also check out details on Beta 1 and Beta 2.

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