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WordPress 4.3 RC now available

WordPress 4.3 Release Candidate is now available! Release Candidate simply means it is a version which WordPress believes is ready for official launch, but there many still be compatibility issues with some software. Therefore people are encouraged to test 4.3 RC in order to find any remaining bugs before the official launch.

The official launch for WordPress 4.3 is aimed for 18th August 2015.

If you do decide to give 4.3 RC a test you can download it here or using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin. Don’t forget to submit any bugs found to the Alpha/Beta support forum.

If you would like to find out what new things are being added, check out the Beta 1, Beta 2, Beta 3, and Beta 4 blog posts as well as this list of over 100 changes.

As always if you would like to read more have a look at the official WordPress blog post.

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